4 Perfect Salads To Bring To Your Next BBQ

Who says healthy has to be boring!

Bowl of fresh salad on black background

Photo: Getty Images

With the holiday weekend upon us it's easy to get caught up in all the snacks! I mean, is it even the fourth of July if there isn't heaping amounts of food?

Burgers, hot dogs, beer, cakes, potato salad! SO much potato salad. And that's not even talking about all the sweet treats! Now while all of that is pretty darn tasty chances are you're eventually going to want something healthier to much on in-between the ribs and the cake and that's where these tasty salads come in.

You see while they are jam packed with veggies, flavor is certainly not lacking PLUS they pack a fair amount of protein!

Enjoy and have a great holiday!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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