Aldi Is Bringing Back Their Inflatable Kayak

For $40, would you give this a try?

whitewater inflatable kayak on a river

Photo: Getty Images

Now I've seen inflatable kayaks before, but never one for as cheap as $40!

Due to such high demand, the popular superstore Aldi has decided to bring back their inflatable kayak that boasts a price of just under $40. Seems a bit too good to be true right? Well that's just it, the reviews are quite mixed. Personally I don't think I'd feel comfortable drifting around on the ocean with it. Or taking it out on half the ponds in New England BUT if you were looking for a cheap way to beat the heat this Summer season and are willing to potentially get a bit wet, this might be right up your alley.

Now I don't know where the closest Aldi is to us, but I'm willing to bet you could probably find it up online.

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