Woman Killed By Landing Plane As She Mowed Grass

Oh man, talk about a tragic accident.

Light Aircraft on Grass Air Strip

Photo: Getty Images

Not to be a Debbie Downer this morning but I just stumbled across this story this morning and thought I would share.

A 20 year old woman was out mowing the field by her home on a tractor when a plane made an emergency landing in said field. Unfortunately for the young woman, she was struck by the plane and soon after succumbed to her injuries.

In an interview with LADBIBLE speaking about the bizarre and tragic incident, local resident Pierre Remialle said he was utterly shocked.

He told the news station: "When you hear about someone struck by lightning, it's overwhelming, but by a landing airplane?

"Never heard anything like that before."

See the full story below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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