Massachusetts School Won Court Case To Use Electric Shock On Children

Well this was certainly disappointing to read.

Despairing child sitting with head on knees in the dark frame of a doorway, backlit by a room behind flooded with daylight

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I for one am incredibly disappointed in the court for over turning this decision, but before you decide for yourself I recommend you check out this story.

According to LADbible, "A school has won a court battle, allowing it to use electric shock devices on students. The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Massachusetts, reportedly introduced the controversial practice to deal with aggressive or self-harming behavior in adults and children. The US Food and Drug Administration had previously banned the use of such devices, however, a 2-1 ruling by the US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit saw the ban overturned. According to the school's website, it caters for 'both emotionally disturbed students with conduct, behavior, emotional, and/or psychiatric problems, as well as those with intellectual disabilities or on the autism spectrum'."

Not good, not good at all. Check out the full article below.

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