"We All Quit" Burger King Staff Leaves Message To Management On Sign

Wow, well this is one way to hand in your notice!

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Photo: Getty Images

Burger King management was facing quite the conundrum the other day after the entire staff at a location decided to quit posting their goodbye message on the promotional. Former employees shared the photo on the sign on social media and it has since gone viral with many people voicing their praise and condemnation of the act.

According to an article from the Today Show one employee said, that the sign came after months of short staffing, managerial turnover and "hectic" work conditions.

"We had just got really tired of upper management and them not coming to help and not caring about the employees," said Rachael Flores, the former general manager of the Havelock Avenue location, who told TODAY that she had put in her two weeks' notice alongside several other employees at the end of June.

See what Burger King had to say below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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