Whale Hit A Fisherman's Boat Off The Coast of Block Island Over The Weekend

Talk about a hit and run!

Humpback Whale

Photo: Getty Images

A New York fisherman visiting Block Island got the surprise of a lifetime after a whale struck his boat and then disappeared!

Bill Speth, a fisherman from Montauk, New York, told NBC 10 WJAR, "We were trolling around for a few hours. We landed one tuna under control. Our fish finder lit up with all kinds of bait, so we stopped trolling, Speth said he has been fishing in that area for more than a decade and often sees whales and dolphins in the area. He said Sunday was the first time he had seen a whale get so close to a boat. Speth had even taken a video of the large creature, minutes before he and his friends felt the impact."

While they were unable to find the whale after the collision there certainly was tons of proof! Check out the rest of the story and the photos from Channel 10 below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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