HBO Max Has Announced A New Dating Reality Show: 'FBoy Island'

OMG This looks INSANELY good!!!

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Photo: Getty Images

I love trashy TV and I have positively zero reservations about admitting it. The Bachelor? I'm In. The Bachellorette? Sign me up! Love Island? Oh you know it! Heck! I even got into the Circle earlier this year. But now it looks like there is an ultimate trashy dating show and I can not wait to see how this one plays out. It's called FBoy Island and it will be streamable exclusively on HBO Max.

The premise of the show is there are 3 girls and 24 men all looking for love. Or so they think. Because actually 12 of the men vying for the women's hearts are "Fboys" just there for the one hundred thousand dollar prize! Yes, I know it sounds rediculous but I just have to say I am already in! Checkout the trailer and more about the show below!

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