Black Bear Spotted In Johnston, Police Warn Residents To Be On The Lookout

Looks like Johnston's wild life is getting a little more wild!

Jasper National Park in Alberta Canada

Photo: Getty Images

Oh man well this must be a surprise for many Johnston residents!

A black bear was spotted strolling in Johnston around Hopkins Avenue the other day prompting police officials to warn residents to be on the look out! In a statement to WPRI 12 police recommended so tips to help keep bears away from your backyard:

  • Remove bird feeders from your yard
  • Keep garbage secured or stored inside a shed or garage until trash-pickup morning
  • Keep fruit and meat out of compost piles
  • Clean grills immediately after use to minimize attractive odor
  • Don’t leave pet food outside overnight
  • Never feed bears

Sounds pretty simple right? I thought so too. Anyways if you want to read more on the story and check out the pics the full article is below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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