It's My Birthday!

It's my Birthday and I just want to say thank you!


I know I'm not on air today, but I wanted to take the time today to send you some gratitude for being such a large part of my life. On my birthday's I try to take a couple of minutes to reflect on how I've spent the past year of my life and the people I surround myself with are a big part of that.

In a year where there was a pandemic for most of it, you were the people I spent most of my time with. Broadcasting my shows from the comfort of my little bedroom studio, most days the only people I spoke to were you and my incredibly patient boyfriend. And if I'm being completely honest, it was you, and being able to continue my work that really kept me out of a super dark space. This past year was tough for so many reasons but every single day I got to speak to you meant I at least had a bright spot to look forward to. For that I am incredibly grateful.

So thank you, for listening even while we were going through so many unknown. Thank you, for allowing me to continue doing my dream job for another year. And thank you for always being a bright spot in my day.

~ Tracy Lynn

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