Watch The Norwegian Death Diving Championships

Oh yes, you read that right. Death diving... and boy is pretty weird.


Photo: Getty Images

Norway is full of really neat and unique things. Volcano bread making. Fermented shark meat and strong alcoholic drinks. Death metal. And now, Norwegian Death Diving.

The premise of the competition is to jump off a professional high dive platform, strike your best pose and then belly flop into the water below.

Why belly flop you ask? Well that seems to be the "Death" part of Death Diving since falling from such a great height causes buckets of pain. Honestly the wildest part of the whole thing is that this doesn't seem to be an unground sport over there. They genuinely seem to be behind it, so much so there are actual championships!

Don't believe me? Check out the wild video of this sport in action below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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