Watch Mom Hilariously Run After Toddler Escapes On To Field Of Soccer

"Toddlers only have two speeds: zoom and asleep.”

Silhouette action sport outdoors of a group of kids having fun playing soccer football for exercise in community rural area under the twilight sunset sky.

Photo: Getty Images

Oh man! This mom's got moves!

Anyone who's ever been around little kids know they can move when they want to and sometimes they get away from us as one mom found out as when she looked away only for a moment to discover her toddler had decided to run out onto a soccer feild at a professional game. Quickly she followed suit and scooped him up before the game had to be called to a halt.

Over all no harm done and the video of it turned out to be super cute and funny with many taking to social media to praise this mommas quick running!

Check out the video for yourself below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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