Woman Loses 100lb Using This Simple Mantra

Looking to drop a couple of lbs? Well this might be a good way to start!

Female checking kilogrammes getting on the scale - self care and body positivity concept - warm flare on left

Photo: Getty Images

Let's face it, weight loss can be challenging, overwhelming and uncomfortable for a multitude of reasons. On a personal note, I've struggled with my weight and all that's come along with being heavier set as a child well into my adult life. So I completely get it. I also know how triggering reading weight loss articles and plans can be. Which is exactly why I figured I would share this article I saw this morning. It's not a life style plan or an eating and exercising regiment. It's a simple mantra that resonated with me when I read this ladies story. Something you can do whether or not your actively trying to lose weight or just trying to take better care of yourself and make smarter choices.

Check it out for yourself below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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