A Mysterious Rubber Ducky Showed Up In A Maine Harbor And No One Knows Why

Sounds like a case for the DUCK-tectives! lol see what I did there? ;)

Close-Up Of Yellow Rubber Duck Over Blue Background

Photo: Getty Images

Alright, bad puns aside this is a pretty fun mystery!

According to an article by the Today Show, "Over the weekend, a giant 25-foot-tall rubber duck with the word "Joy" printed on it appeared in Belfast's harbor and left many locals quite confused.

According to NBC affiliate WCSH of Portland, Maine, the rubber duck is anchored between a pedestrian bridge and the town landing and it's been floating in the same spot since it first made its debut on Saturday.

Belfast residents aren't sure where the unexpected item came from and why it's in the harbor, but it sure is making a big splash and making everyone laugh."

Personally I think it's absolutely amazing! Check out the fun pics below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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