Spider Man "Now Way Home" Trailer Is Officially Out!

And it looks like it combines ALL the past Spiderman movies!!!!

Cosplayer dressed as 'Spiderman' from Marvel

Photo: Getty Images

Okay, so I am beyond excited for this new Spiderman movie. One of my biggest issues with the Spiderman franchise is how quickly they have been to replace the actors who play Spiderman. I know it has to happen from time to time but there have been SO many in the past 20 years or so. That being said, it looks like this upcoming moving will end up combining them all!

With the help of Dr. Stranger, Peter Parker asks to have the public forget he is The Amazing Spiderman. Unfortunately the spell goes wrong and it some how combines the whole multiverse. THEN we see A TON of past villain's from the previous Spiderman movies!

No word on whether or not we'll get to see all the past Spiderman's working together to defeat their foes but I am certainly holding out hope!

Check out the trailer for yourself below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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