1 of 5 Beluga Whales Taken to Mystic Aquarium Is Sick But Stable

This comes after one Beluga died at Mystic Aquarium just one month ago.

White whale

Photo: Getty Images

Animal rights activists are asking for an investigation after one Beluga Whale dies and another one ends up sick but stable.

According to NBC 10 WJAR, "Five Russian beluga whales born in captivity and named at MarineLand at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, were transported to Mystic Aquarium back in May. The only male, known before as Havoc, died Aug. 6. His necropsy results are not available yet. "Jetta," as she was known, is currently sick. Dr. Tracy Romano, chief scientist at Mystic Aquarium, said there is "concern given her low white blood cell count, her weight is low, and there's some gastro-intestinal issues." Canada has now outlawed display of marine animals. At MarineLand, they're "grandfathered in," but breeding has also been banned."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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