Wanna See A Drive In Movie? Here's What's Playing!

drive in movie sign

Photo: Getty Images

I was chit chatting with Bill George earlier today when I realized Labor Day is literally in one week from today. Like as in, Summer is practically over in one week!

Now that got me thinking, what was left on my Summer bucket list? Drive In Movies!

Now there are a few in the area, and it looks like they are all playing some pretty different stuff right now but here's what we've got as of this afternoon.

Rustic Tri View Drive-In

Has shows starting on Wednesday with Jungle Cruises, Don't Breath 2 and The Suicide Squad all start at 8:15pm. Learn more here.

Mendon Twin Drive-In

Has shows tonight with a double feature of Candyman and Old tonight starting at 8. Learn more here

AND if you feel like driving you CT you can check out

Mansfield Drive-in Theatre & Marketplace

That has Candyman, Free Guy and Paw Patrol: The Movie all playing tonight too! Learn more here

Have fun!

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