Backyard Squirrel Maze Is Absolutely Hilarious

This guys answer to how to keep squirrels off his bird feeder is wonderful!

Grey Squirrel hugging birds peanuts

Photo: Getty Images

So this all started yesterday after I got off the phone with my Gram. She was lamenting that the squirrel proof birdfeeder she had recently purchased at her local garden center was not living up to her expectations. In fact it had flat our failed lol.

Which led me to google squirrel proof feeders in hopes that I might be able to snag her a more reliable one when I came across this video. Apparently this guy had also had a similar issue with his bird feeders and decided to turn into into a science experiment. I started watching it on a whim and by the end was positively cheering these little critters on. If you have a few minutes today and want to learn about just how tricky squirrels can be, definitely go and check out the video for your self below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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