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Best Fast-Food Desserts In The U.S.

When it comes to fast food, everyone has their favorites. And while most of the time we’re headed to the drive-thru for the main course, there are always desserts on the fast food menus too, and here are the top 10 in the country, according to Thrillist.

10) Strawberry Funnel Cake - Dairy Queen’s known for their Blizzards and ice cream treats, but this State Fair staple is one of their best desserts. It’s served warm, topped with strawberry sauce and powdered sugar and there’s not many funnel cakes you can snag at a drive-thru.

9Frosted Sunrise - This is Chick-fil-A’s version of the Orange Julius, made with soft serve ice cream and orange juice, and it pairs perfectly with chicken, naturally.

8Purple Cow Float - People love Shake Shack for their burgers and shakes, of course, but Thrillist says this could be the most interesting thing on their menu. The Purple Cow Float is their trademark vanilla custard dropped into a cup of ice-cold Boylan’s grape soda and they say it’s best after a few when the custard starts to melt.

7Mocha Frappé - Yes, technically this is a coffee drink from McDonald’s, but it’s really a chocolate coffee smoothie and should be recognized as the caffeine-enhanced dessert it is.

6Twix Blizzard - The caramel, chocolate, and crunch of the Twix Blizzard work perfectly and make this Dairy Queen treat a classic.

5Cinnamon Apple Pie - If you’ve never been to a Popeyes chicken restaurant, you might have never had this amazing pie, which is described as having a crisper crust, more apple-y tasting apples, and just the right amount of cinnamon, making it beat out the McDonald’s classic here.

4Fresh Banana Classic Shake - Sonic makes a lot of shakes, but this banana one’s a winner because they use a “Donkey Kong-esque pile” of bananas to make it.

3Vanilla Custard - Not everyone has had the pleasure of trying frozen custard, which is thicker than ice cream, but this reviewer says this one from Culver’s is “the only frozen snack worth the caloric intake,” and that’s saying something.

2Black and White Frosty - A Frosty isn’t really a shake or ice cream, it’s its own thing and the classic chocolate mixed with the vanilla brings out the best of it.

1) Cinnamon Twists - It’s hard to choose the “best,” but this simple take on dessert from Taco Bell is made with a few basic ingredients and these light, sweet, cinnamon-dusted crunchy twists come in first place here for fast food desserts.

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