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Kristin Lessard & Steve Kelly

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Kristin & Steve Podcast: Tom Brady Roast, Tesla Truck Wash and More!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Am I a Jerk Worker Music and More!

Is Tanya a jerk for not allowing construction workers at her home play their music? Our listeners chime in! Plus, your Mood Adjuster: A former police sergeant finally graduated from college at age 79!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Lying By Omission, The Witcher and More!

Is omission, lying? The Netflix show "The Witcher" is coming to an end! Plus, your Mood Adjuster: A restaurant manager saves the life of a baby who stops breathing in the parking lot!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Journey, Dating and More!

“Journey's Greatest Hits" Has Been On The Billboard 200 Album Chart For 800 Weeks! What your date notices about you right away! Plus, your Mood Adjuster: A good Samaritan reunited a missing man with dementia with his family!

Kristin Lessard Podcast: The Musical/Comedy 'Company' is Coming to PPAC

Kristin Lessard Podcast: The Musical/Comedy 'Company' is Coming to PPAC! Kristin Interviews one of the stars of the show!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Group Therapy: Teen Drinking and More!

Group Therapy: Lisa needs advice, her 15 year old is drinking and smoking! The third westbound lane on the Washington Bridge will open a week ahead of schedule! Plus, your Mood Adjuster: 5th graders protect mail carriers with safety whistles!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: 'Barbiecue' Sauce, Billy Joel and More!

Bright pink ‘Barbiecue’ sauce is a thing thanks to Heinz and Mattel! CBS says it's going to re-air Billy Joel's concert special after the end was cut off Sunday night! Plus, your Mood Adjuster: A grandad saves the life of his buddy who collapsed at Walmart!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: NIKE Olympic Uniforms, Mood Adjuster and More!

Nike revealed the Olympic Team USA track and field uniforms and they’re kinda skimpy! Pringles and Crocs teamed up for a new collaboration! Plus, your Mood Adjuster: A trucker was honored as a “Highway Angel” for saving a mother and daughter from a flipped car!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: 'Forever' Appetizer, Bridgerton and More!

What is your ‘forever’ appetizer? Our listeners chime in! And the first trailer for Season 3 of ‘Bridgerton’ has been released! Plus, your Mood Adjuster: Police officers brave a frigid lake to save a drowning teen!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Aerosmith, Blair Witch and More!

Aerosmith’s tour starts back up again in September! And Blair Witch is getting a reboot! Plus, your Mood Adjuster: A single dad wins a million dollars after stopping for salad!