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Kristin Lessard & Steve Kelly

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Kristin & Steve Podcast: I'm Blank Old 2.0, Potty App and More!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: I'm "Blank" Old, Moonlighting and More!

I'm "Blank" Old! The Golden Globes added two new categories for 2024! And the show “Moonlighting” will be available to stream for the first time ever on Hulu in October! Plus, today's Mood Adjuster: When a middle school promotes acts of kindness everybody wins!

Kristin Lessard: Book of Mormon Interview

The Book of Mormon is coming to PPAC October 31st and Kristin Lessard interviewed a cast member!

Kristin Lessard Crafting for Critters Interview

Kristin Lessard interviews Audrey Snow from Friends of the Warwick Animal Shelter about the Crafting for Critters Craft Fair!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Writer's Strike, Springsteen Day and More!

Movie and TV writers have reached a tentative agreement with the Hollywood studios! And New Jersey celebrated “Bruce Springsteen Day” over the weekend! Plus, today's Mood Adjuster: Miss Sparkles the school bus driver encourages kids to be kind!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: 'Am I a Jerk': Wedding Thank Yous and More!

Brenda is our guest for 'Am I a Jerk?' Amazon Prime is adding commercials to content next year! And Ringo Starr is fine after a nasty fall! Plus, today's Mood Adjuster: A business owner starts a kindness club for kids!

Kristin Lessard Interviews Actor/Comedian Paul Reiser

Kristin Lessard Interviews Actor/Comedian Paul Reiser

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Writers' Strike, Yellowstone and More!

Hollywood Studios and the Writers are near an agreement to end the strike! And "Yellowstone" airs on CBS broadcast TV for the first time! Plus, today's Mood Adjuster: Teen beats cancer and donates her Make-A-Wish to other kids battling cancer!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Senate Dress Code and More!

The dress code has been relaxed for US Senators on the Senate Floor! And McDonald's unveils new Pokémon Happy Meals! Plus, today's Mood Adjuster: Jennifer Garner helps a homeless man in a wheelchair, even offering up her own shoes!

Kristin & Steve Podcast: Twitter Subscription Fee and More!

Elon Musk is hinting at a subscription fee for all users of his X social media platform! And Kevin Costner reportedly begged to return to Yellowstone! Plus, today's Mood Adjuster: A woman gives a bike to a man she sees walking to work every day!