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What Super Hero Does Your State Prefer?

These days it seems that every month brings with it a new superhero movie - in fact, caped crusaders who used to only be found in the pages of comic books are now everywhere - online, on TV, in magazines and everywhere in between. Each character is unique and most people have a favorite, but which is the most popular in each state? decided to delve deeper into that and figured out every state's favorite female superhero.

To conduct their research, they took the top ten female Marvel superheroes and the top 10 female DC superheroes and compared that list to Google trends, and the results are pretty surprising. 

First off, what wasn't surprising is that some of the most popular female superheroes on the small and big screens were also the most popular in the states. "Wonder Woman" is bigger than any other, topping the list in seven states, followed by "Supergirl" and "Jessica Jones," who each were beloved in six states, and "Batgirl," who took four states. 

Then things get interesting. Lots of states are unique in their favorites - Utah, the Beehive State, loves "Wasp" from Ant-Man; Delaware's residents adore "Gamorra," the character played by Zoe Saldana in the Guardians of the Galaxy flicks; Georgians love "Shuri" from Black Panther; Idaho is obsessed with "Valkyrie," who was introduced to mainstream audiences in Thor: Ragnarok; Maryland's favorite is "Storm" from The X-Men; DC Comic's "Hawkgirl" is the fave in Montana; ratings for The CW's Arrow must be good in Rhode Island, where "Huntress," who is seen on that series, is number one; and Wyoming's favorite is "Scarlet Witch," played by Elizabeth Olsen in the Marvel flicks. 

Check out the full list below to see if your state's choice is a good one:

Alabama                 Wonder Woman

Alaska                    Jean Grey

Arizona                  Black Widow

Arkansas               Supergirl

California               Wonder Woman

Colorado               Black Widow

Connecticut          Supergirl

Delaware              Gamora

DC                        Wonder Woman

Florida                 Jean Grey

Georgia                Shuri

Hawaii                  Black Canary

Idaho                   Valkyrie

Illinois                  Wonder Woman

Indiana                 Power Girl

Iowa                      Batgirl

Kansas                 Power Girl

Kentucky              Supergirl

Louisiana              Supergirl

Maine                    Batgirl

Maryland               Storm

Massachusetts     Batgirl

Michigan                Jessica Jones

Minnesota              Batgirl

Mississippi             Raven

Missouri                 She-Hulk

Montana                 Hawkgirl

Nebraska               Power Girl

Nevada                  Zatanna

New Hampshire    Wonder Woman

New Jersey            Wonder Woman

New Mexico           Black Widow

New York                 Jessica Jones

North Carolina        Wonder Woman

North Dakota          Starfire

Ohio                         Supergirl

Oklahoma                Zatanna

Oregon                    Jessica Jones

Pennsylvania           Jessica Jones

Rhode Island           Huntress

South Carolina        She-Hulk

South Dakota          Supergirl

Tennessee               Black Canary

Texas                       Black Canary

Utah                         Wasp

Vermont                   Jessica Jones

Virginia                     Jessica Jones

Washington              Starfire

West Virginia            Raven

Wisconsin                Power Girl

Wyoming                 Scarlet Witch

Photo Credit: Getty

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