Rhode Islanders Are Receiving Suspicious Seed Packets In The Mail

Maybe you've seen this on social media, people around the country have been getting packets of seeds in the mail...unsolicited...they didn't order them. Some are marked as if they are jewelry, but it's actually just a weird, unlabeled packet of seeds. And now some of these seeds have arrived here in Rhode Island! A Johnston couple got one of these packages last week. Donna and David Crossley said the label indicated the package was from China, and that there was jewelry inside, however it was one of these little bags of seeds. Donna told NBC 10, "At first I didn't think anything of it. He was going to plant a few, and we just hadn't got to it because of the weather." David continued, "I thought it was strange because I normally wouldn't order something from China, especially for gardening." (Read the full article HERE.)

Government officials are really concerned because they don't know what these seeds are. They could grow to become some sort of invasive species, they could be poisonous, who knows?

The Department of Environmental Management Division of Agriculture is warning everyone not to plant these seeds or throw them away. They say to keep the packaging that they arrived in along with the label. Definitely wash your hands after you touched the package or the seeds. You can file a report with the DEM.

Call the Division of Agriculture at 401-222-2781 x4516, or email them at DEM.SPRO@dem.ri.gov. They say to include your name, address, and phone number.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Goldfinch4ever

Seed peas, with packet, for spring sowing.

Seed peas, with packet, for spring sowing.

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