Take a Haunted Boat Ride Down the Providence River!

I had so much fun last night! I went with my family and some friends on a boat ride down the Providence river with the Providence River Boat Company...and it was a ghost tour! They've teamed up with Providence Ghost Tours for Haunted Boat Rides. Captain Pete steered the boat down the river to the Basin in Waterplace Park and back, while our guide Courtney told us several ghost stories about the surrounding buildings. We heard about the spirits that roam the halls of the old Biltmore Hotel, also the Rhode Island Hospital Trust Company building now a dorm for RISD. We passed what was an old factory on Steeple St. where several deaths occurred, and the site of the Rhode Island State Prison, supposedly a horrible place, that once stood where the Providence Place Mall is now.

It was so interesting to hear all the stories, and just a gorgeous Summer evening for a relaxing boat ride down the river. Tours are offered on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Find more about booking HERE.

Photo Credit: Kristin Lessard

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