American Girl Releases New 80s Doll Named Courtney!

There are American Girl Dolls for several different generations and decades, and finally there is one with a 1980s theme! Her name is Courtney, and she loves video games. In fact, she has her own miniature, arcade style Pac-Man game! Of course you can buy lots of 80s accessories for Courtney like a WalkMan, a boom box with little cassettes, Care Bear themed items, and tons of "totally rad" clothes.

The 80s girl group The Go-Gos went on The Today Show to promote the new doll. They hope Courtney will inspire girl power and a love of STEM learning in girls. American Girl is doing their part by matching customers' donations to the organization Girls Who Code, and they'll give out a $5,000 scholarship to four Girls Who Code members so they can learn more about computer science and other STEM career paths.

The new doll is available now online and will be in American Girl stores starting September 25th.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / wanderluster

Girl hugs doll at Christmas

Girl hugs doll at Christmas