Lizzie Borden's Former Home in Fall River "Maplecroft" Up For Sale!

A famous Massachusetts home is up for sale. The Maplecroft mansion in Fall River, once owned by the infamous Lizzie Borden! Now, this is not the house where she was accused of giving her father 40 whacks and her mother 41. This is the mansion she lived in after she was acquitted in her axe murder trial. She and her sister Emma called Maplecroft home, and held lots of dinner parties for all of Lizzie's actor friends.

Built in 1887, this home is gorgeous. It's been completely restored, and the owners attempted to run it as a bed and breakfast, but it didn't work out. Maybe Fall River isn't enough of a tourist destination. It's definitely a lot of house. It's a 3900 square foot Queen Anne style home with 7 bedrooms, 3 and a half baths. Absolutely gorgeous...all restored with period furnishings.

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the house.

Although this isn't the famous Borden house where the murders took place, word is it's haunted. The current owner says a crew from “The Dark Zone Network” did an investigation in the house, and recorded 50 EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) AKA ghost voices! I wish I had $890,000. I would totally buy this house!

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For sale sign

For sale sign