California City Outlaws Sales of Junk Food at Check Out Counter!

I know it's hard when you've got little kids and you're at the grocery store, or any store for that matter, because a lot of them are selling junk food at the check out counter. Even non-food type stores like Michael's and The Home Depot have sugary and salty snacks. They've got a lot of this tempting stuff, and your kids usually beg you for it. "Mommy, mommy I want Oreos! I want some Skittles!!" Yup...we've all been there. It's sometimes hard for us adults to pass up on those snacks too. But should government be deciding this for us?

Well, those last minute temptations may go least in Northern California. The city of Berkeley has become the first in the nation to outlaw the sale of candy, chips and soda at the checkout counter! None of that will be allowed starting in March, but they say the new law won't be strictly enforced until January of 2022.

Retailers will only be allowed to sell foods with 5 grams of added sugar or less at the cash register, or items that are low in sodium. They can still sell these items in other parts of the store, just not in the line at the check out. But do you think this is over the line? How about letting people decide for themselves? Or is that not allowed anymore? What do you think?

Photo Credit: Getty Images / benedek

Mother with son shopping in a delicatessen store

Mother with son shopping in a delicatessen store