Who Will Replace Alex Trebek on "Jeopardy!"?

With the sad news this week that “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek has passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer, fans of the game show are wondering who could fill his very large shoes as host.

Speculation of a possible replacement began when Trebek announced his diagnosis in 2019. In fact he was asked who he favored to take on the job. He was hesitant to seriously name any one person, but jokingly suggested Betty White, who would probably be a popular choice.

Although no names have been announced by producer Sony Television, some have been bandied about by the media. A few news types have shown interest including ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos and CNN legal analyst Laura Coates.

Trebek thought LA Kings hockey announcer Alex Faust would be great for the gig. He told TMZ, “They should consider him.”

Perhaps the best choice would be “Jeopardy!” champion of champions Ken Jennings. Back in September he was made a consulting producer and also a brand ambassador for the show so maybe he'll get the job!

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Amanda Edwards / Stringer

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