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The Favorite Comfort Food In Each State!

It's usually stuff that's not good for us, but certain foods just make us feel better and remind us of happier times. That's why it's called comfort food after all, and each state in the union has it's favorite. Wallethub compiled a list of the top comfort foods in each state. No shock here, in Pennsylvania it's the Philly Cheese Steak. One of those babies is over 1100 calories per serving!

In Wisconsin they love fried cheese curds that check in at 1,140 calories a serving.

Buffalo jerky is popular in Wyoming, and in Vermont their favorite treat is the locally owned Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

In Massachusetts the favorite comfort food is clam chowder, which Wallethub claims is only 201 calories per serving?? Not the clam chowder I make with the butter and heavy cream!

And clam cakes are the comfort food choice of Rhode Islanders.

See the rest of the list HERE!

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Alexander Spatari / Moment

Clam chowder served in a bread bowl

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