"Pathetic" Christmas Tree in Cincinnati, Ohio Perfectly Represents 2020!

This is a Christmas tree Charlie Brown would be proud of. A "pathetic" Christmas tree has just been erected in front of the Macy's store in Cincinnati, Ohio, and people are already making fun of it on social media. Photos of the sad looking tree with it's bare trunk and crooked, droopy branches have been getting lots of funny comments.

Cara Owsley, a photojournalist with the Cincinnati Enquirer tweeted, “Not sure what happened to the Christmas tree at Fountain Square, but it’s the most #Christmas2020 tree ever.”

I don't know if they're gonna leave it up or not but they probably should. It's the perfect pandemic tree! Throw some lights and decorations on there and it'll be fine. As Charlie Brown says, "maybe it just needs a little love."

Photo Credit: Getty Images /Alto/Michele Constantini Agency RF Collections

Red Christmas bauble hanging from Christmas tree