First AI News Anchor Debuts in South Korea!

First there was fake fake newscasters! The first ever Artificially Intelligent news anchor made her debut in South Korea.

Popular MBN TV news reporter Kim Ju-ha introduced her robotic doppelganger during a broadcast recently, and it was so realistic, some viewers were a little freaked out. Not only did the robot look and sound just like Kim, it was also programmed to use similar gestures Kim often makes. Sometimes Kim will play with her pen during a broadcast...the robot even did that!

When I think AI newscasters, I think Max Headroom...but this new technology is so realistic!

The company says these new AI newscasters will be useful in certain situations, specifically during emergencies, natural disasters and the like, but obviously they hope to cut on the cost of personnel as well.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Peter Cade Stone

Woman and robot face to face