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New Valentine's Day Candies For Your Sweetheart!

I'm sure you've already noticed the Valentine's Day candy in the stores already. In fact it was there even back before Christmas.

There are a lot of new offerings when it comes to sweets for your sweetheart. has come up with a list of 20 of the absolute best to consider along with where to buy them for the big day.

Cheesecake M&Ms are back again for 2021. Do you remember those? I haven't tried them yet. Word is they may stick around for the entire year and you can get them at Walmart.

Also at The Walmart...nothin says love like Hostess Valentine’s Day Treats! Here ya go Honey, increase the size of your backside! There are new Valentine's versions of Twinkies, Donettes, CupCakes and Ding Dongs in a variety of special flavors for the holiday.

Nobody loves candy corn, but that doesn't stop candy companies from making loads of it. Now there's a V-Day version called Sparkling Cupid Corn. And what's's strawberry flavored. Bleech!

My pick would obviously be the Grogu Box Of Chocolates. Milk chocolate caramel filled hearts, in a heart-shaped box with Baby Yoda on the front. Looks like I'll be sending my hubby to Target for that! Click HERE to check out the whole list of Valentine's treats!

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Burak Karademir - Moment

Valentine's Day

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