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KFC "Borrowing" Other Brands' Slogans!!

Whomever is doing the marketing for KFC is a genius! Because the pandemic made everyone a germaphobe, the company's slogan "Finger Lickin' Good" has become a problem for them. Who wants to lick possible Covid covered fingers?

So the fast food joint just launched a social media campaign "borrowing" the famous catchprases of other brands!

KFC South Africa said, "So, as we await the epic return of their iconic slogan, here in South Africa, we decided to spread our wings and try on a few others for size."

They tweeted a photo of a bucket of their famous chicken with the Red Bull slogan "Gives You Wings" underneath. They did the same with McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It," “Because You’re Worth It,” the catchphrase of L'Oreal and my personal favorite Nike's "Just Do It." The posts included the #UntilWeCanFingerLickAgain.

KFC promises to "give them back" after 48 hours, and I'm sure the other companies don't mind the extra attention their own brands are getting from this campaign.

The idea caught on and now KFC over in Britain and Ireland got in on the action and have swiped the sayings of other famous brands including Snickers, Coca-Cola and others.

These other brands don't seem to be angry that their catchphrases have been borrowed, in fact some actually want in on the action. Companies including Aldi, Marmite and TUI Cruises have offered them up willingly!

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Yuichi Yamazaki

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