Cool Ranch Lay's Potato Chips Are Coming Soon!

Food mash ups are all the rage these days! Seems that lots of companies are mixing and matching our favorite food flavors to make new combinations. Kraft has been doing it for a while with their condiments releasing Kranch, Mayocue, Mayomust and other sauces. And Kelloggs has combined Frosted Flakes with Froot Loops and also Apple Jacks.

Now Frito-Lay is bringing together two of my favorite flavors into one delicious snack...Lay’s Doritos Cool Ranch-Flavored chips. What they've done is dusted Doritos Cool Ranch flavor all over those classic Lay’s potato chips.

The chips were available onTarget’s website, but it looks like they may have sold out for now. They are a limited-edition flavor after all, but hopefully they'll get more.

And Frito-Lay says it has other flavor mash ups in the works including Cheetos Cheese-Flavored Funyons and Funyons Onion-Flavored potato chips. Better invest in some breath mints if you're gonna eat those or you're gonna lose all of your friends!

Photo Gallery: Getty Images / Chris Clor

Pile of potato chips

Pile of potato chips