HGTV Dream Home in Portsmouth, RI Already Up For Sale!

Like so many other people I entered twice a day for weeks to win this year's HGTV Dream Home. I was extra excited about this one because it is right in our backyard in Portsmouth, RI, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The 3,300 square foot home has waterfront views and tons of outdoor entertaining space. Plus a house full of beautiful furniture and it even came with a camper!

There were over 136 million entries for the house, but I wasn't a winner. That lucky person was Jeff Yanes of Kyle, Texas. My guess is Jeff got sticker shock when he realized the cost of property tax here in Rhode Island, because just a few weeks after finding out he won, he's put the home up for sale! The house in Portsmouth has been listed for $2.39 million, so you still have a chance to own it if you have enough cash.

Unfortunately most winners don't have enough cash to keep the HGTV Dream Homes. Between property taxes and taxes on the prize itself, sadly it's not financially feasible for most people to keep the house. I think I would have at least enjoyed one vacation in it though.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Feverpitched

Sold Home For Sale Sign and New House

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