Karate Kid 3 Villain Returns for Cobra Kai Season 4!

I love the show "Cobra Kai," and I can't wait for Season 4. I hear they started filming the next season back in February and they wrapped it up in April, so right now the show is in post production. Rumor is it'll hit Netflix by either November or December.

And it's cool how they're bringing back lots of the original actors and actresses from the movies for the show including Elisabeth Shue as Ali Mills and Yuji Okumoto as bad guy Chozen Toguchi. And Tamlyn Naomi Tomita who played Daniel's love interest Kumiko in The Karate Kid Part II.

Now we're hearing that the villain from "Karate Kid III," Terry Silver, will be in Cobra Kai Season 4. He's played by actor Thomas Ian Griffith, and his character's return was revealed in a new teaser trailer that was released yesterday. You don't see his face, but he's still got the ponytail. Check out the trailer!

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Jerod Harris

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