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Rhode Island Named "Rudest" State In New Survey!

Why you gotta be so rude? That question could be asked of us Rhode Islanders because we're at the top of the list of the rudest states in the country!

Career website Zippia asked 75,000 Americans which states they thought were the rudest, and 42% said we in the Ocean State are the worst!

Apparently we're a bunch of bad tippers with road rage. I'm not surprised about the road rage, I witness that on 95 every day, but I am shocked to hear about the bad tipping. We're a state of fabulous restaurants, how terrible that we don't treat our hardworking waitstaff well.

According to the survey, “Not only are Rhode Islanders mediocre tippers prone to jerk-y driving, they are also pretty rude to customer service reps.” Guess lot's of "Karens" live here. And you in Massachusetts, before you get to cocky, you're a close second on this list. See the entire list HERE.

Here's the Top 10:

Rhode Island



New York



New Jersey




Photo Credit: Getty Images / Rapid Eye

Losing her temper, a woman driver shakes fist through windshield

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