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Happy National VCR Day!

Happy National VCR Day! Guess there really is a day for everything. Do you still own a VCR? I still have two. One needs to be thrown in the trash because it ate my copy of E.T. last year when my daughter and I went to watch it.

And I still own lots of VHS tapes, including several Disney movies, which are probably worth quite a bit now. Although I can watch all of those movies on Disney +, there's just something nostalgic about bringing out the old VCR and popping in a tape.

Believe it or not the VCR was invented way back in 1956, but it was pricey. The first magnetic tape video recorder called the VRX-1000, was produced by Ampex, and cost $50,000!

Sony came out with the first home version of a VCR in 1964, however theirs was still too expensive for the everyday consumer.

Funai Electric, a Japanese company, was the last to manufacture a VHS recorder, and the final one rolled off the production line on July 22, 2016.

Do you still own a VCR? How often, if at all, do you use it?

Photo Credit: Getty Images / KLH49

Hand putting VHS tape in a VCR

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