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Rhode Island Named One of the Least Fun States in America!

Okay, Rhode Island is no California or Orlando when it comes to fun stuff to do, but it's not fair that we've been placed on this new 10 Least Fun States list. Wallet-Hub compiled a list of all 50 states using 26 different fun indicators in two categories: “Entertainment & Recreation” and “Nightlife.” They looked at Restaurants per Capita, Amusement Parks per Capita, Golf Courses & Country Clubs per Capita etc. Then they took into account the number of music festivals, movie and performing arts theaters and theaters in a particular state, and the cost of those events.

No surprise some popular tourist destinations topped the list of the Most Fun States in America, with California at number one. Although California hasn't been so much fun for the last 15 months as it's been closed for the pandemic until today.

California scored 60.81 out of 100, and is at the top for entertainment and recreation, fifth for nightlife. Florida and it's many theme parks checks in at number two. Scoring at the top for nightlife is Nevada, most definitely Las Vegas helping them reach that goal, while the state is third overall.

At the other end of the spectrum, are The Ten Least Fun States In America, and guess where Rhode Island landed. Yup on that list at number 5, with a score of only 19.78 out of 100! We're 47th for Entertainment & Recreation and 34th for nightlife. Come on we're way more fun than that. Well, at least we're not West Virginia, the least fun state in the union. Massachusetts is right in the middle at number 23. Check out the entire list HERE.

Top Ten Most Fun States In America




New York







The Ten Least Fun States In America

West Virginia




Rhode Island






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