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The Average Person Keeps 2 Embarrassing Secrets From Everyone!

Whether we want to admit or two, and two is the average according to this new survey done in the UK of over 2000 adults. The average person has a couple of juicy secrets that they keep from the people in their life. And no surprise here, the OnePoll survey found that 20% of people keep secrets from their mom most of all. Oh most definitely! There's lots of stuff I keep from her, otherwise I'd be out of the will! Sixteen percent of us hide something from their best friends, and another 16 percent keep secrets from their partners!

What are the biggest things we're not telling others about? Many said they keep their mental health issues from friends and family. Yup, definitely still some stigma surrounding that topic. Next on the list of info people keep secret is embarrassing things that they've done.

Here's the rest of the Top 10:

3. Internet History

4. Eating/snacking habits

5. Hygiene habits

6. The number of past sex partners

7. Bank/credit card statements

8. Faking an illness in the past to avoid a commitment

9. Affairs/infidelities

10. One night stands

Hmm...I'll bet the real number of secrets people keep is higher than two!

Shh! Women's secrets

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