"Ghost Hunters'" Amy Bruni Hosts New Podcast on the I Heart Radio App!

If you’re fascinated with the paranormal, there’s a new podcast on the I Heart Radio App that you are gonna love! It's called "Haunted Road," and it's hosted by paranormal investigator Amy Bruni. You’ll remember Amy from the TV shows "Ghost Hunters" and also "Kindred Spirits" with her co-host Adam Berry on the Discovery Channel. She's also a Rhode Island resident!

Amy has been fascinated by the paranormal since she was a child when she lived in a haunted house. She says she saw a ghost when she was 8, and that experience lead to a fascinating career investigating hundreds of haunted locations.

And if you've always wanted to travel to some haunted destinations, let Amy book your trip! She's the owner of Strange Escapes, which plans paranormal vacations to some of America's most notorious haunts!

Plus, coming out on October 27th, read about Amy's life in her new book, LIFE WITH THE AFTERLIFE: 13 Truths I Learned about Ghosts. Listen to Kristin's interview with Amy below!

Photo Credit: I Heart Radio App

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Photo: I Heart Radio

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