Athletes and Press Have Limited Food Choices at Tokyo Olympics!

The Tokyo Summer Games have most certainly not been your typical Olympic event thanks to the pandemic. A surge in Covid cases has forced the host country to declare a state of emergency banning spectators and imposing other restrictions. They've also closed all concession stands at the stadiums, despite their still being thousands of people there that need to eat including athletes, coaches, reporters, tech people and more.

Because of this, food choices are slim and interesting to say the least.The folks at Sports Travel Magazine are in Tokyo reporting on the Olympic Games and one of their journalists shared what their "Breakfast Box" looked like. There's a very strange assortment of stuff in there, including two little pancakes. "soft chicken" and a very large hot dog.

They posted a copy of their menu on Instagram along with the comment, "We’ve had some strange breakfasts before but none quite as odd as this one — all served in a box — at our #Tokyo2020 hotel. Hot dogs for breakfast anyone? You can wash it down with the French 'Flies.'" Yum!

Olympics - Previews - Day 0

Photo: Getty Images

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