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Airbnb Is Showcasing Some 80s/90s TV and Movie Themed Rentals!

That 80s/90s kid inside you is gonna love these TV and movie themed Airbnbs!

Online magazine “Bustle” has teamed up with the home rental site to curate a list of unique rentals featured in 80s and 90s TV shows and movies, or that otherwise have some connection to that genre of pop culture.

You may remember last year that “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Mansion" was opened up to the public to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show. That has all kinds of cool memorabilia from the show displayed throughout the home. Unfortunately all dates have been booked for that house thanks to it's low, low $30 rental charge.

The “Golden Girls” cottage in Oklahoma is still available to rent. This home once belonged to Rue McClanahan, aka Blanche Devereaux. The actress grew up in this house, and word is, she and her co-stars would travel there from time to time for little getaways.

Remember the movie “Shakespeare In Love” with Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes? You can stay in "The Old Vicarage" in Suffolk, England. A famous love scene from the movie was filmed on that property.

One of Airbnb's most popular rentals is not even a house. You can book a stay in the “Spiceworld” Tour Bus! Yup! The original bus from the 1997 movie starring the Spice Girls! It's a double-decker with some fab, British decor.

And this themed home is a must visit for any “Saved By The Bell” fan. It's a duplex in Dallas, and the owner has recreated lots of sets from the show. The Slater Saved By the Bell 90s house sleeps 6, and you'll feel like you stepped right onto the set of the show and back into the 90s. They even have the famous diner! It’s still available for booking and costs $177 a night.


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