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Almost Half of Americans Want Pumpkin Spice All Year Long!

I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin spice, so it's hard for me to understand this obsession, but according to this survey, almost half of Americans want the seasonal flavor to be available all year round! I do understand the disappointment when a favorite seasonal item is only around for a limited time, but there are just so many pumpkin spice items that you'd think people would get sick of it after a month or so.

SWNS Digital conducted a survey and found that 46% of people think seasonal flavors should be around to enjoy all year long. On the flip side, 52% of people say those Fall favorites should be confined to this time of year only.

Pumpkin spice fanatics admit to trying all kinds of bizarre pumpkin flavored and scented products; everything from beer, to soda, to even deoderant!

When asked what they would give up in order to enjoy that spicy taste all year long, some said almost anything including:

Shave their head bald (26%)

Go a month without Internet (25%)

Give up social media for one month (24%)

Give up their smartphone for a flip phone for a year (24%)

Give up vacation days (23%)

Take a pay cut (21%)

Give up showering for one week (19%)

Eat the same thing for lunch all season (17%)

Walk everywhere for a week (13%)

Go a year without celebrating holidays (6%)

Pumpkin spice 24/7/365 sounds like too much of a good thing to me.

Autumn Pumpkin Spice Latte

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