Man Claims Disney "Brainwashes" guests into buying food at Theme Parks!

A man has a theory ('re gonna love this one) that Disneyland “brainwashes” theme park guests into buying food, and he’s gone viral on TikTok. User @hangryblogger shared his conspiracy, claiming the parks use “smellitizers” to make them smell like delicious food (which there is some truth to) and points out that there are what appear to be “speakers” with “no sound coming out” that actually emit certain aromas in the park. In a 2017 interview, a former Disney employee revealed the company uses Smellitizers to “provide a complete experience.” The machines are meant to appeal to your emotions and enhance your experience. And many fans of the parks are ok with this, with one writing, “And I’m completely ok with that,” and another saying that , “I love being brainwashed by Disney.” I personally don't mind being smellitized...yup..smellitized.


Walt Disney World Main Street USA

Photo: Getty Images

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