Taste Test Tuesday Revisited! Kristin and Steve Try New "Dunkaroos" Cereal!

90s kids will remember "Dunkaroos" fondly. The little snack pack vanilla cookies came with a side of frosting made especially for dipping! It was be most popular lunch bargaining chip in the cafeteria. You could get a lot for your trade IF you decided to give them up, but really, who would?

The snack from Betty Crocker first came out in 1990, and for some crazy reason were discontinued in 2012. Finally they smartened up and brought ghem back last year. And now there are some other "Dunkaroos" products for kids and kids at heart to enjoy.

Earlier this week for Taste Test Tuesday, Kristin and Steve tried out new "Dunkaroos" cereal! Although it doesn't come with the famous dipping frosting, the cereal is super sweet. It kinda tastes a little like "Cookie Crisp" cereal, except the cookies are vanilla flavored. Watch the video!

Photo: News, WHJJ

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