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Huge Hollywood Auction Features Props and Costumes From Famous Films!

Save your pennies, some famous movie props are about to go up for auction! Although you may need some $1s, $10s and probably $100s too because they're expecting these items to make upwards of $8 million!

There are so many incredible items in this auction run by Prop Store. All sorts of costumes, props and other stuff make up over 1,000 lots for sale.Imagine having some of these items in your man cave or your home theater room!

As a lover of everything horror movie related I want this little gem. The razor glove Robert Englund wore as Freddy Krueger in the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors" from 1987. Prop Store expects that to sell for as much as $41,000!

The same amount of cash will get you Will Farrell's elf costume from the movie "Elf" if you'd rather have that. There's also one of the "Wilson" volley ball props from the Tom Hanks movie "Castaway" up for bid, and Marty McFly’s cool hover board used in “Back to the Future Part 2.”

Some of the most expensive items on the auction block include an ILM X-wing model miniature from “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.” It lights up and everything, so cool, but it'll cost you a pretty penny, estimated to be worth between $270,000 – $406,000! Yikes! There's also a Stormtrooper helmet used in the same film that they expect to sell for between $135,000 and $203,000!

And a James Bond suit worn by Sean Connery in the movie “You Only Live Twice,” could fetch between $68,000 and $95,000! Way to rich for my blood!

The auction opens on November 9th and runs until November 11th.


Photo: Getty Images

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