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Texas Airbnb Decorated to Look Just Like the "Home Alone" House!

Looking for a place to vacation this holiday season ya filthy animals? You’ll feel like you’re Kevin McCallister if you stay at this Home Alone Airbnb. Every room is decorated to look just like the famous house from the movie! 

This Airbnb in Dallas, Texas is a bit smaller than the McCallister's fancy pad, but the décor in this two-bedroom house is spot on. There's a Michael Jordan cutout riding on a train set in the living room next to some mannequins sitting at a table by the front window. It looks like a party is going on, just like in the movie! 

Mr. and Mrs. McCallister's bedroom has been recreated as well as Buzz’s room. And the dining room where Kevin enjoys his microwaved macaroni and cheese is identical to the one in the film too. 

Fans will notice lots of little details including a Blockbuster video tape, a Santa wreath on the front door, hanging paint cans (watch your head) and even a lawn jockey statue like the one that keeps getting knocked over in the movie. Plus, you get a free cheese pizza delivered just for you when you stay at the house! 

The rental sleeps 6 guests. There are 2 bedrooms with 4 beds, and one bathroom, and it costs $236 per night. 

Click HERE to see pictures of the house! 

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