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What Do Women Really Want in a Proposal?

The holiday season is a big time for couples to get engaged, and if you’re someone planning a big grand gesture to pop the question in the next few weeks you may want to listen up. 

A new survey of 300 women by The Knot and De Beers Group finds that-

  • Most women want their proposal to be personal and unique.
  • They are not necessarily as down with grand gestures and big public displays.
  • In fact, the ideal proposal consists of:
    • One person proposing to the other (98%)
    • One that’s planned ahead of time (66%)
    • And in a private place (66%) 

And when it comes to the ring, you may want to think twice about surprising your future bride:

  • 96% of pre-engaged women say they want some involvement in selecting the ring.
  • Three-fourths of those women have had some thoughts about their engagement ring.
  • The majority of women still pick diamonds as their first choice, although more are concerned with the shape, setting and style rather than the size.
  • 76% of women expect their partner to pay for the diamond, although 20% expect both parties to contribute to the cost.

Source-Business Insider

Close Up Holding Hands with Engagement Ring

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