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Do Holidays get Better as an Adult?

When it comes to the holidays, nothing beats feeling like a kid, right? Not according to new research that finds two out of three Millennials actually like being grown-ups during the holidays better. The survey, conducted by OnePoll for State Farm, asked 2-thousand Americans between the ages of 25 and 40 about their feelings about the holidays now that they’re adults.

And while some holiday magic is geared toward children, 67% of respondents say they enjoy the holiday memories they make as grown-ups more than the ones they have from childhood. While 77% agree that being an adult is tougher than they thought it would be, people have also found some surprisingly great adulting moments, including:

  • More than half (57%) Look forward to hosting their loved ones during the holidays more than they thought they would
  • Three in four say they’re more motivated to cook and clean around the holidays and 70% claim to actually enjoy those chores
  • Some holiday activities are better as adults than when they were kids, including wrapping presents (71%), decorating the house (31%) and watching movies or listening to holiday music (28%)

Respondents also share some of the other best parts of adulthood that aren’t holiday related:

  • Buying big ticket items, like a car (60%)
  • Learning new things (50%)
  • Staying home on a Friday night (40%) (yup, that's me)
  • And paying bills (33%) (ok,that's just twisted)

Now that they’re grown-ups, people in the survey seem to have a deeper appreciation for family, as 59% say they enjoy connecting with their siblings and parents in adulthood more than they thought they would. And more than three-quarters (78%) say they wouldn’t mind doing ordinary everyday tasks with a family member just so they could spend time together.

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