IRS says this Tax Season will be a Challenge!

The IRS announced Monday (January 10th) that this year's tax filing season will begin earlier and end slightly later, and warned that it's expecting a challenging season. Filing will begin on January 24th, 17 days earlier than last year, and the deadline for filing will be April 18th, three days later than usual, due to the Emancipation Day holiday in Washington, D.C. The IRS warned it will be a challenging filing season, due to the Covid resurgence and resulting staffing shortages, and to less funding from Congress than the administration had requested. IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig said that to avoid processing delays, including delays in getting refunds, file electronically, avoiding a paper return, and provide information for direct deposit of refunds.

Bottom line is , if you expect to pay, ya got more time...but...if you're expecting money back , be patient.

IRS tax forms with tax refund check

Photo: Getty Images

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