Drive-Thru Customer Breaks a 23 Car Pay it Forward Chain

A Starbucks drive-thru customer has gone viral after ending a 23-car pay it forward streak after learning the customer behind him had an order total of $46. In a TikTok video, user @im_blessed55 documented his experience in which he ordered a Venti Frappuccino. He explains in the video, “At Starbucks, they were doing the pay for the person behind you thing. I pulled up and ended a 23 car streak. They tried to set me up. The person behind me bill was $46 when mine was $6.” The video has since been viewed more than 1.6 million times and received more than 2,430 comments. Most agreed that the TikTok user made the right call by not paying the $46 bill, and others offered alternative suggestions like paying for a portion of another customer’s order or tipping baristas with the total value of your drink. Former Starbucks baristas also weighed in, noting the pay it forward lines make the checkout process more complicated.


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Photo: Getty Images

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